I'm Muhammad Zubair

a Web Designer, Digital Marketer and Content Writer Also Seo expert and Affiliate Marketer

Some of My Work

Browse through a selection of my outstanding works, where I’ve leveraged my expertise in web design, WordPress development, SEO, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and content writing to deliver exceptional results for diverse projects across various industries.

With a wealth of experience in WordPress, SEO, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and content writing, I bring a versatile skill set to the table. Leveraging AI tools further enhances my capabilities, allowing me to optimize content for search engines, devise compelling marketing strategies, and create engaging websites, leading to exceptional results for clients and projects.

My Skills

With proficiency in WordPress development, SEO strategies, affiliate marketing, and digital marketing, coupled with a flair for compelling content creation, I bring a versatile skill set to drive online success.

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Academic Journey

Empowering businesses with innovative web solutions, driving digital success through our portfolio of exceptional projects.


Other Courses and Certificates

Enhancing my expertise through a diverse range of other courses and certificates, expanding my skill set to tackle new challenges.


What I can do

Leveraging my diverse expertise in WordPress, SEO, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, content writing, and AI tools to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional results.

Web Design

With WordPress web design expertise, I create captivating and user-friendly websites, delivering seamless digital experiences for businesses and their audiences.


Mastering SEO techniques, I elevate content and websites in search rankings, driving organic traffic and boosting online visibility for sustainable business growth.

Digital Marketing

Driving digital success through strategic digital marketing solutions, I connect with target audiences, foster engagement, and deliver measurable results for businesses.

Content Writing

Mastering content writing, I leverage AI tools to craft engaging and tailored content that captivates audiences, drives organic traffic, and enhances brand presence.

Keyword Research

Expert in keyword research, I use advanced techniques and leading tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, WriterZen, and InstaKeywords for impactful content optimization.

Google Ads

Expert in setting up Google Ads campaigns, I drive conversions and deliver exceptional results for businesses with strategic audience targeting and data-driven optimizations.

Social Media ads

Expert in social media ad campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), I drive impactful engagement and brand visibility with strategic targeting and compelling creatives.

I'm Available for Freelance

Open to freelance opportunities, ready to bring my expertise to your projects.

What People Say

“What People Say” – Testimonials from satisfied clients and colleagues.

Contact Me

Get in touch with me to discuss your projects and explore how I can help your business thrive.

I look forward to collaborating with you!

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